Mapably serves and connects people like you who love to explore different cultures around the world. At Mapably we believe in human connection, curiosity and discovery; Learning about the world around us, beyond frontiers, beyond borders.

Not your typical map

While most maps feature physical places such as hotels and restaurants, Mapably serves to show us primarily virtual spaces. From gastronomy blogs of a local chef in Madrid, to the website of a new Jazz band in Tokyo, Mapably serves as a place for users to learn about and connect with people around the world via the virtual world.

Our Creed

Mapably is here to help make the world a smaller place. We believe in sharing and making personal connections with our fellow neighbors, beyond borders; Mapping the world with no boundaries.

Our Community

Mapably feels an obligation to our neighbors and fellow global citizens, travelers and the like, to create a community where our users can share and explore different cultures around the world.

Your Map

Drag our bookmarklet to your toolbar. If you run across a website that would be a nice contribution to the Mapably map, make sure to MAP IT. Mapped content will appear on the map for other users to explore.

The Team

Darci Martinez | Web, UI & Front End Designer

Mapably was established in 2013 for my final project in the Web Animation and Online Communication master at CICE in Madrid, Spain. I was a young twenty-something year old girl who loved to travel and learn about the world. When I couldn't travel due to money and time constraints while studying in Madrid, I thought of this website as an outlet to feed and inspire mine and anyone else's hungry traveling bug. My ultimate goal with Mapably is to inspire travel. I hope you find this project interesting and useful.

Rafael Lopez | Backend Java Developer

When I told Rafa the idea for Mapably, he was unhesitating in offering his help. In reality, he is the backbone behind the functionality of the project, running the database, server, and all that backend jazz. Apart from being awesome at programming, he is an avid world traveler, crypto guru, and enjoys developing his tennis skills when he's not crushing it at CrossFit. If you can't tell, he made me write this for him. He hopes you share this project and continue to come back. Mapably wouldn't be what it is without his help!

How it works

Activate the icon category you want to explore.
Mapably shows these icons across the map of the world.
Hover over a marker to see it´s content and click to see website.

Add to our map

The Map It Button

Drag the Map it Button below to your browser toolbar. When you are on a website that you want to add to the map, click the bookmarklet in your toolbar and you will be able to select the photo you want to post.